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Like a Rolling Stone

You know some things just arent meant to happen.  We had been back and forth about going to see Bob at The Wharf tonight.  We had made plans a few months ago but they fell through. Then, we  talked all morning about how to make it happen. When you have a child it makes things like this a little more difficult. One plan after the next fell through so we will miss Mr. Dylan tonight.

Daniel was the one that introduced me to Bob Dylan.  We were on our very first date at Cousin Vinny’s and we were talking about music and he asked me what kind of music I liked.  I named off some bands…coldplay, U2, Def Leopard…(i kind of threw in the Def Leopard part because I thought it would impress him…dont know what was going through this little head there…i was nervous ok!!)..and he kind of arrogantly grins and looks at me like…”are you for real?” He tells me about Bob Dylan and a few other artists he likes. So, the next day I’m in Barnes and Noble and I listen to some Bob Dylan songs on the headphone contraption and I did not like what I heard. It just sounded incredibly boring and folk lore ish.

A year later, after we are married, I was in class and my professor of a class called “The Philosophy of Art”…in other words…”A bunch of crap about crap”…decides to enlighten us with a documentary about Bob Dylan and right then and there I was hooked, and I”m not exactly sure why.  I think it was the way he loved what he did and how he seemed to do it so effortlessly.  He was so unassuming. He just did what he knew and he couldnt explain it, he couldnt fit it into a definiton, and he couldnt understand the phenomenon he was to the American people. He was just himself.  And that in and of itself draws people. When a person goes outside the mold, outside of protocol, outside of the norm…of what is expected and required..it shakes people. It wakes people up.

Jesus was like that ya know. He was completely outside the box. People couldnt explain Him. People were just drawn to Him and some hated Him because He was irreversably turning religion upside down.  I want to draw people. Not because I am weird or cool or wear weird things or speak elloquently or anything other than the fact that I am all for Him. I am devoted to living out who I am In Christ Alone. Yes, Here’s to all of us Rolling Stones…

 Hopefully, we’ll make it next time Bob.


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Lovers in Japan video

read the previous post then watch and enjoy!


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The Sound of Music

I’ve often wondered what the music will be like in Heaven.  I know it wont be boring…it wont be like the choir in little ole southern baptist churches…no offense if you sang/sing in one.

I really dont think I can envision it in my head…but I sure can try.  God gives us imaginations and creativity and a mind and I think He likes it when we day dream about what our home with Him will be like.

I think i have tasted a TINY bit of what it will be be like..as dumb as this may sound.

I like music loud… where its in your ear drum…in your head.  So, when i knew i was going to get to see Coldplay live I was extatic because i knew live concerts are “in your ear” so to speak.

So, I think it was during their song “lovers in Japan/reign of love” and the music is all around…its in my ear…in my head..and these machines shoot out butterfly confetti everywhere and you look up and all you see is color..and in that moment..it was..for a second..a glimpse of what i think music will be like in heaven.

And whether or not Coldplay’s music glorifies God, I was glorifying Him through their music and by the way my heart responds to such a gift as music. It is such a beautiful gift.  And i know that the creator of the voice, the Creator of the body, the Creator of the sound, The creator of the idea will have No problem giving to us the greatest concert..the greatest symphony…the greatest sound. The sound of His music.

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So, me and Daniel went on a date last night. Long overdue! It was so nice just to be together just the two of us for a few hours. My favorite date is where we go to dinner…normally sushi, Thai, or Italian…but last night we tried out the new Cactus Key restaurant on scenic 98 where the Last Nacho used to be…it was pretty good. Anyways, my favorite date is dinner then we like to go get Marble Slab…cheescake ice cream with blueberries in a waffle cone…oh its so good, then we go to Barnes and Noble and have our nose stuck in a good book or magazine for an hour or so then go home. 

I know..its not fancy..but its sweet. Anyways, so last night we decided to forego our beloved Barnes and Noble and go to Books-a-million. I had to go to JC Penney to get some more make up. Heavens knows i could spend a year in Sephora and not be bored. I walk in and i begin to drool. Not good…So, since we were right there we did the Books a million thing. We walked in and I was taken aback.  For one, it didnt smell too great…two, it wasnt nearly as orderly and clean as Barnes and Noble…three, it had a bunch of smelly teenagers running around doing God knows what…and four, the people there just seemed a little odd..a little off..a little depressed maybe..a little un-put together.

I really dont want to sound snobby, but I just couldnt help but note the difference.  We did our book and magazine browsing.  I noticed how cute Miley Cyrus looked on the cover of ELLE. Then we left. Today i was left wondering something though. If Jesus lived here and now..would He get his books and book browsing done at B & N or Books a Million. I think from looking at His life and who He hung out with it would definitly be the latter….Just a thought…

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Your Kingdom Come

Mark preached a great sermon this morning.  It was about the parable of the King’s wedding banquet for his son.  It was primarily about the invitation God as our King offers to us. I’ve read this passage several times and it still speaks a great truth to me.

I love movies that involve kings, kingdoms, battles, and of course a love story.  The movie, First Knight, is one that I love and could watch again and again.  It has all the major components of a great story…A great king, an evil adversary, a love story, a royal mess-up, a huge battle, enormous sacrifice,  and happily ever after. This movie, really quite beautifully, tells the story that God has set in motion and is telling us now. If you have never seen it you need to watch it and you’ll see the parallels.

When i watch movies like that I feel myself wishing for a life like that…wanting to be IN the movie..wanting the adventure, excitement, the drama, the romance, to have a real king like King Arthur.  Then I understand that i am and i do!!! Sometimes it doesnt feel like it because I am focusing on what I can see instead of what I cant.  If only we could catch a glimpse of what we cant see, oh how we would live differently. How i would live differently.

The truth is…I have a King! A great King and I am in His kingdom.  I was reminded of how the human heart longs for that when the election rolled around last year.  I recognized the desire in my heart to have a president (a King) who would be a good president …one that would rule justly and with mercy…one that would act honorably and uphold with the highest respect the word of God and live out in front of our nation his relationship with Him…one who would be willing to lay down his life for us if need be to protect the precious U S of A. 

Well, sadly we dont have a president like that and what I was really wishing for and desiring was my God’s Kingdom reign. He has done all of the above and so much more!!  One day there will be no opposition to His kingdom. We will live under His rule and reign forever and forever enjoying the peace, joy, and provison He has made for us. We will walk the streets laughing and smiling and praising Him for the precious and righteous King He is.  Oh, how it will be happily ever after!  Here’s to you, King Jesus!

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Not perfect

I am really trying to be what I know God wants me to be, but i still feel a long long long ways off from that.

The words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart arent always pleasing to Him.  I do have a habit of saying the “s” word when i burn myself or stump my toe or bump into something or lock my keys in my car.  I dont really say other curse words much…just that one for some reason.

 It just flows so easily off my tongue and i said it the other day at mom and dad’s, and dad got that real stern look on his face and said, “I dont want you saying that word around my grand-daughter.”  Well I dont want to say that word around her either dad but it is a habit. One that I’m trying to break. Nobody’s perfect.

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My treasure

So, I began a blog a few months ago. It was going to be just fabulous. It was going to be a blog about art and cooking, two things which I love, and I envisioned myself just typing away about art and different types of art and whats wrong with art today. I saw myself writing about cooking and how the two are connected. So profound, right?!

Well I sat at the computer staring at the screen and I couldnt find one single thing to say. Nothing!  I couldnt figure out why.

I get it now though. The person I love the most, the thing I wanna talk about the most, the thing I want to be associated with the  most is Jesus. So, it’d just be ridiculous to do a blog about anything else. For me.

I remember being a child and my family would hang out with the Dennis family a lot. My sister and I were great friends with Amy Dennis. I remember being over at their house and my parents would have really stirring conversations about God with Jim and Debbie…and all i wanted was to listen. It was kind of understood that the kids had their play time while the adults had serious conversation but I just remember being so desperate to just sit at their feet and soak up every word spoken about God, about life, about things that truly matter.  And now, one of the things I want most is to talk about Jesus.  I want to talk about Him when I wake up, when we are eating, when I am out with friends, when I am home with Maris and Daniel, when I go to sleep.  I want to have Bible study with Maris one day and us chew over the word together. I want Jesus to be so real in this home.

So, with this little blog, I want to talk about Jesus, and other things, because I want Him to be in all things. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O God.

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