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Dance a Little

Ballerina Lopatkina


         I met a wonderful lady last week.  She goes to my parents small group and I learned that she (I believe) is the Director/Owner of one or more dance studios. I told her how I used to take dance and how I loved every minute of it, but followed that statement with…”I was not very good though.”  (I was just letting her know that just because I loved it tremendously did not mean I was a good dancer).  She immediately scolded me in the kindest way possible because I said I wasnt good.  She told me that my Heavenly Father watched and enjoyed my dancing and relished in it and that is all that really matters and she went on to say how that is one of her goals…to help girls understand that you dont have to be the best dancer…you dont have to compare yourself to the next girl…just enjoy it!


I thought that was so refreshing to hear!  And talking to her has made me think back and remember those times dancing. I never had dance teachers like that. I wish I had.


I was never really really really great at something.  You know how some people just have a gift and natural,raw talent for something…and while I have talents…none of them are outstanding. They just arent. So growing up I didnt know what to do.  I tried many extracurricular activities.  My body build was way more fit for something like cheerleading…not ballet.  But I hated cheerleading and I loved to dance.


In high school we had something called Fall Shows where the dance center would put on a theatrical dance show and we would perform it for all the schools.  One year it was Peter Pan and I was cast as a Pirate.  I remember so many things about that show.  There was so much magic to it…so different than a plain recital.  The smell of those old wood stage floors…the heavy velvet curtains…the darkness of backstage…the hush of the crowd before the first sound of music begins…the nerves and adrenaline of performing in front of people…the feeling of being sort of a “star” (at least to the little ones who see you that way)…the flowers afterward…missing school…sore and achy muscles…


Gosh..it was all so gloriously wonderful!!!


And then you grow up.


And dancing is done.


Where in the real adult world there is no dancing…just trying to get things done…trying to get through one more day…trying to make it..


I want to be great at something now. I want to be outstanding at loving my Creator…the One who invented dance and the body to move and look like the woman pictured above.  I want Him to look at the dance of my life and be so pleased.  I want Him to relish in the beauty…the grace…the movement of it all. 


The movement of a life devoted to Him. 


The movement of a dancer who may not be Prima Ballerina here on earth…but one that receives a standing ovation from the audience of the only One that truly matters anyway. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!….Dance a little…..




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The Size of Texas

Every year Daniel goes to Cuba for a week of mission work.  And every year I think I’ll miss him less because I’ll just be more  used to it.  Yeah, so not true.  I used to dread him going and I definitly dont dread it anymore.  I know how much he loves the people there and I get excited for him as the week approaches.  But, I think because each year we grow so much closer than the year before, I inevitably miss him like crazy.

Its so weird when your other half isnt with you…isnt even in the country.  I feel like everything is off…like I’m not normal or something.

You know that country song…and I hate country music by the way so this is huge….”I thought I loved you then”?  That song is so sweet and so true.  I look back on our wedding day and I think to myself….I did not love him like I do now…not even close.  I loved him then the size of a pumpkin….I love him now the size of Texas.  Crazy, huh?

Sorry nothing profound today…just missing my man. 

I hope everyone has a sweet and lovely Wednesday!

P.S. I know you cant put dimensions on love…its simply a comparison.

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How sweet it is!

At this moment, I am packing up stuff.  Gathering stuff.  Throwing away stuff.  Wondering what in the world we are going to do with stuff.

We are moving…and I am so ready.

Daniel quit his job and we are going to be house parents at a Boys Ranch one town over from here.  We have been praying for a long time about entering into some sort of ministry and God has led us there.  We begin there in 2 weeks.  One of those weeks Daniel will be in Cuba.  Our house is unsold and there are still some question marks…but we are trusting whole-heartedly in our Father.

This job will not be easy…but most things God calls us to do wont be.

I was thinking a few months ago about life…about how I would love a life of ease…a life of luxury…a life where I wake up in a million thread count sheets imported from Italy…a life where I sip on fine teas and eat the best cuisine…where I could dress up in gorgeous gowns…dripping with jewels…and go to Operas and ballets…a life of a princess really. I think we all at some point day dream about what that life would be like…feel like…

And then I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit say to my spirit…”This is not home!  Earth is but a vapor.  Those things await you on the other side of eternity…but now…now… is the time to work…the time to be used.”

Beth Moore reminded me of that truth last night at Bible Study.  She said a lot of people wont surrender and just give God their all out of fear that the pain will kill them.  “No,” she said, “a meaningless life will kill you. You want your life to be used!”

 This life is so short.  I want to work while I’m here.  I want to give God all I have while I’m here.  His riches will come…His kingdom will come…Glory will come…Ballets and Operas will come…so for now why not give Him all I’ve got?( Plus, I want high up in eternity if you know what I mean…dont wanna be clean up crew for eons and eons…)

So, right now, we are wanting to work for these children…ultimately working for our King…and being able to show the love of a mother and a father to boys who dont receive a lot of that love otherwise…and we are thrilled about it!! 

My dad has used this quote before and it is one I’ll never forget…

“Oh, how sweet it is to be spent and worn out for God!”–Jonathan Edwards

Have a blessed weekend!!!

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      I am so grateful that Winn Dixie has a “Mothers-to-be” parking spot.  Man, the minute I found out I was pregnant both times, I was so excited that I could park in the priveleged spot!


Until yesterday…


I had a hard day yesterday. I promise I’m not going to whine and complain about pregnancy on here, by the way,  or parenting for that matter.  But, yesterday was a rough day.  You know, I just felt awful and I needed food very badly.  Pizza has been the wonder food for me so far.  So, I’m off to get Catalina Salad dressing to dip my pizza in and I pull into the “Mothers-to-be” parking spot.


So great…until…


I get out of the car and across the parking lot stood this woman.  Now, no offense to my own gender, but some women just look mean…like they’ve been through it!!!


I run into these women occasionally and I try not to judge them or get angry at them because I try to think what they may have been through…like maybe a divorce, or lost a child, or has had 5 children and hardly any money…that kind of stuff.


I didnt think those things with this one. 


There she stood across the parking lot…dishevled…looking like a pit-bull ready to devour anyone who said one word to her.


As I made my way past my car…she YELLED at me..

       “You KNOW thats for MOTHERS-TO-BE!”…with attitude all over her.

Did she really just yell that at me…I thought to myself.  And without another beat I yelled back with my hand pridefully on my belly…

       “I AM ONE!”….just as smiley and probably annoying to her as ever!

She just shook her head and rolled her eyes as if to say…”WHATEVER!”


Honestly!  Why would she say something like that…I mean, does she really think I’m just some girl who lies about being pregnant so I can save MAYBE ten steps walking into the grocery store!! Please!!


Well as I stood there in line paying for my Catalina Dressing and replaying the scene in my head over and over and quite honestly saying some mean things back to her instead of what I said…it went off…the dreadful mercy-spirit thing… What if she was 8 months pregnant and needed that parking spot a lot worse than I did? She was pretty big and it could’ve been just that…but it looked a little like a pregnant belly. And after all…to her I probably looked 17 years old with not even the slightest bit of a pregnancy belly.  And what if that has happened before?  Further along pregnant mamas having to park a mile away because I parked there?!


As I walked back to my car hoping she hadnt put a nasty note on it…I decided to leave the “Mothers-to-Be” parking spot for the big mama’s until I get a little bigger.  Yes, I am giving it up for the greater good of pregnant women everywhere…(or just in Robertsdale). They probably need it more and plus I need the extra steps anyway!


Farewell, beloved parking spot!!  It can wait.

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