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Life at the Ranch

So we are adjusting to our new life here at the Boys Ranch. I know I havent blogged in quite some time and hopefully I can find some time every week to keep it up.

The boys are wonderful and we are really beginning to form relationships with them.  Daniel has really been amazing.  He just knows how to relate well with them and love them and have fun with them and also be very firm and authoritative with them.  I am learning a lot and we both have a long way to go…

Our days are very busy…I am usually cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and taking care of Maris while the boys are in school…Daniel works on the ranch in the morning…on the tractor, (and boy is he cute on a tractor)…feeding the horses and cows…(i love that :))…and we get to have lunch together and get a most beloved nap before the boys get home. I promise, every night I go to bed exhausted but it is the good kind of tired, ya know? And when I go to bed…I think about the next day and I look forward to it.

I think I am loving it more than I thought I would.  Going into this I thought we would be here for a few years and then move on…but I could see us being here and doing this for a very long time…

Thank you for your prayers and support! It means more than you know!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! Maris will be 2! Time flies!



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