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Spiritual Slump


I’m in a spiritual slump.  





You get the picture.  Its just blah.  Plain.  And thats never a good sign.  And its always, always, always my fault.  Its never God’s fault ya know.  Sometimes I whine at Him like it is…but its not.

And there is always this one tell tale sign where I know things are not good in this department: I want to buy things.  I want to shop.  Way more than usual.  I want things badly.  And I know all that is…is just trying to fill up something that cant be filled with a 75 dollar pair of shoes from Shoefly.  I’ve been eating a lot too.  Way more than usual.  But…that may be due to the little man growing in my belly…

Often times I am filled with grand intentions about how my relationship with God will or should look…and at times…it is wonderful…but now especially… it is not.

And its not due to some outrageous sin that keeps lurking and taking residence in my life…its just simply day after day after day of busy-ness when it comes to things I have to do and apathy when it comes to Him.  Filling my day with things that are good but not making time for Him…not making time for what is better.

And its weird. Its like once I start a habit of not proactively seeking Him then it just snow balls and the divide gets bigger and bigger until I’m too ashamed to even admit to Him that I’ve gone this many days without a close conversation with Him.

I try to remind myself that while it isnt ideal…it is real life.  Just like me and Daniel have our slumps and days of  passion-less marriage…it will be the same with God.  I get so caught up in life being so romantic…so passionate…so lovely and happy…and a lot of the time it just plain isnt.  My days with God arent always going to be passionate and lovely.  A lot of them will suck. Like right now. Maybe these days make the passionate ones even sweeter.  I dont know.

What do you do when you are in a slump with God?  Do you buy things? Do you eat a lot? Your opinion and advice is welcome…


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A Big Dose of Pink




     I love these boys.  They really are wonderful.  There is something to them…something I can’t quite put my finger on.  The way they are just so unabashedly themselves…so wild…so adventurous…so rugged…it is a beautiful thing.  I am learning a lot about boys.  They are teaching me a lot.  At times it gets a little overwhelming though…and I knew it would…I know it will.   


You see, all of the boy stuff really begins to wear…the farting…the cartoons…the smearing of the queer game…the talk about pit bulls and scary movies and sports…ohhhh the sports.  What is a girl to do?!!!  


The other day I was working around the house like I normally do…doing laundry…chasing Maris…doing more laundry…pulling Maris out of the dryer that she had crawled into to get a sock…cleaning our bathroom…and I stopped to look at myself in the mirror and I about had a nervous breakdown.  My hair was tangled in embarrassingly huge knots…I had zero make up on…I probably smelled…and I was wearing frumpy old clothes.  As Maris was trying to put deodorant on…probably trying to give Mommy a hint…I thought to myself…  


“What in the world have I become!?? I dont even look like a woman!!!”  


I laughed.  


I needed an intervention or something.  A comb. Some lotion. Some pink nail polish. A big dose of pink. A massage. A bubble bath…  


That night I got a bubble bath and the next morning I took the time to put on make up…I didnt just slap it on…I really took my time with it.  And I put on yummy smelling lotion and I dressed quite nicely.  And what a difference little stuff like that makes!  Really taking the time to pamper yourself every now and then and take care of YOU a little bit is an important thing I believe! This next week I’m going to remember that!  


I hope you have a Pinkalicious week!!!  



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Five Astounding Women

I have been thinking lately about how blessed I am to be surrounded by incredible women.  A long time ago, I asked God for really wonderful role models for me, women who would show me how its done, so to speak.  Boy has he graciously granted me that!

Not every one of the women who inspire me and motivate me and encourage me are in my life physically.  But, all of them truly have impacted me in very profound ways.

So, I thought I’d make a list…I love lists!…of these 5 most amazing, extraordinary, beautiful women I am blessed to have in my life in some form or fashion.  They are heros in my opinion…warriors…Queens…women who I want to so desperatly be like.  And in a world of gosh awful women role models…these five we could use a great deal more of!!

So here they are….

Drum roll please………………

1. Sally Megginson– My Mother

     My mother has shown me in so many ways how to be a servant.  I think that is the word that best describes her…servant.  She is the most self-less woman…sometimes to a fault.  She has always given herself away…to her children…to my dad…to church after church after un-grateful church people…to her students who kiss the ground she walks on…to her twin sister.  She shows me what it means to give yourself away to others.  I love the way she is just plain genius with her students at school (really, she is teacher of the year in my book every year).  I love the way she dotes over me at the age of 26.  I dont care how old you are…we need our mommas to dote over us and baby us every now and then!  Sometimes I still wish I could crawl in her lap and just cry sometimes. She really is an amazing mother and I am so grateful to have her as my own. She also has the most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen!

2. Beth Moore– Best-Selling Author, Speaker,  founder of Living Proof Ministries

    If you have grown up in church in the South you know who she is.  I’m amazed when I meet someone that doesnt! I think she is like the Pope or something.  Nah…she’s better! Beth Moore has a God-given way to teach you and excite you about Jesus. She, more than anyone, makes me want to be a student of the Bible.  When I read her books or do a study, my life is changed. Not because of her but because God works through Beth in such a beautiful way. Her excitement about the Bible, about how real and wonderful Jesus is, it is so contagious!  I dont just want to be a normal Christian…I want to walk in victory like she does…I want to really know my stuff Biblically like she does.  She also encourages me simply because shes comfortable in who she is. She exudes confidence…and I know where she finds it!

3. Sue Leavins– Director of Womens Care Medical Center

    I met Sue over a year ago when I began volunteering at Womens Care.  And immediately I knew this was no ordinary woman.  She has such a passion for God and such a passion for the Pro-Life Movement.  She is one of the busiest women I know, but she always is so gracious, so kind, so at peace, so wise. I was fortunate to learn under her through a Bible Study we did with a group of women and seeing her love for the Lord and her unimaginable wisdom has changed my walk with God.  I have so much respect for Sue.  I still get a little nervous when I go into her office to talk with her about something.   If I have something I’m dealing with and I need wise Godly counsel I go to her and Melanie (the assistant director). I hope Sue Leavins is in my life for a long time and then I hope we live close to each other in Heaven!

4. Sarah Palin– former Governor of Alaska, Vice-Presidential running mate to John McCain, recent  Best-Selling Author

    Gosh, she inspires me in so many ways. Mainly because of how strong she is in her faith. But, also, because she can multi-task like a champ.  She has to be extremely organized.  Mom and Dad got me her book for my birthday and I havent read it yet…I’ve only had time to look through the pictures but I cannot wait to devour it. She is just so real and when I watch her I feel like I know her and why in the world would we not want someone like that…someone whom we feel we know and knows us…leading us as a country…instead of some superficial D.C. academic? As a mother, as a leader, as a wife, as a woman, she is truly remarkable.

5. Melanie Wilks– Assistant Director of Womens Care Medical Center

     Melanie is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. God has granted her such favor with people. I wish you could see her in with one of the women that walks through the doors of the Center. When I do get to watch her interact or counsel, I practically leave with my jaw dropped at the way she can get on their level and really love on that woman.  Her and Sue tell me its only because they have been doing it for so long…but I honestly think God has just given her so much favor and ground with people.  She is also so patient with me and is never slow to give sound, honest advice, or pray for me, or correct me.  She is also absolutely hilarious! 

In one of Beth Moore’s books, she talks about how sometimes we believe we are a that…when instead we are a this. A “that” being a defeated, non-victorious, no-good, and so on…and a “this” being a victorious child of God who is cherished, loved, adopted, forgiven.  And so she says when she feels like a “that” she sometimes will ask herself how a “this” would act or respond to certain happenings. She will think of a woman who is a “this” and try to respond like she would. I cant tell you how many times I have done that.  Because these women are so spiritually strong and victorious, I so many times will ask myself…”How would Beth Moore react to this?…What would Sue Leavins or Melanie Wilks say to this person who I just wanna lose my temper with?…How would my mother serve these boys that I am taking care of?” And I begin responding and acting like a this…a victorious and strong woman of the Most High God!

So, heres to these women and all the other women who do so many wonderful things…who serve God and their families day in and day out with very little thanks or reward!!!! Thank You! May God Bless you and your families this Christmas season and in the year to come!

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I saw this phrase in a book I’m reading ( Believing God by Beth Moore) and it completely caught me off guard.  Especially this time of year, we sing the songs and hear the passage read from Isaiah…”and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace….” Isaiah 9:6.  But when I saw it  in the book…”And He will be called Wonderful..” just wonderful…nothing after it… it was like something went off in this crazy little head.

When you grow up in and around church your whole life (a fact that I am beyond grateful for) it is easy to miss things. Words, phrases, songs…they all begin to run together and you can become extremely numb to it all.  Sometimes you just miss the fresh-ness and the power of the truth.  Truths like… Jesus loves me, or …God the creator of the Universe formed me, or …I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Sometimes we need a huge dose of what that really means….what it really means to be the daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Its was kind of like that when I saw those words “He will be called Wonderful.”  Wonderful. Wonderful.  Not just Powerful…or Creator…or Savior….or Merciful…or I AM.  See, sometimes my image of God is characterized by how strong He is, how huge He is, how mighty He is. And those are all very true, but to think of Him also as just plain laugh-out-loud, ridiculously, gloriously, move heaven and earth to see Him smile at me… WONDERFUL!  It astounds me!  It wakes me up to the fact that He is just simply the best thing there was, is, or ever will be.  I wish I could grasp other truths like I did that one. I think I’d live so differently if I really got all He intends for us to get.

Just a thought, as we enter this Christmas season. I hope your days are filled with THE WONDERFUL!

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