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I thought I would post an update on little man’s nursery.  I decided to go with a very white room.  I have a white obsession these days.  To me, white walls and furniture provide a blank canvas to work with…where I can then accent the room with beautiful colors and patterns and it not look too fussy.  I wanted the room to look very antique-y and it is coming along nicely…

This bed is really old and was missing lots of tiny little pieces, but my sweet daddy found a way to somehow put it together.  I want to get some old driftwood or something and paint it…white!…and put it behind the bed in the corner…


This was the fabric I picked out and my also very sweet mother sewed me some pillows for the bed.  The lamp is an old antique from a little store in downtown Fairhope.  The old sailboat was my grandfathers and has been sitting in his law office for years, untouched.  I thought he would love nothing more than for his great grandson to have it.  It needs a great deal of repairing, but I think it is exquisite, especially paired with the fabric…

I still have a ways to go…needing a rug and a big comfy arm chair laden with white sheets to cover up whatever awful pattern is on there…But, now, at least, if little man decides to come early…he will have a bed to sleep in…Thanks Daddy!

I will post pics of finished room when it is done…

Happy Tuesday!


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I am Wanting


I am wanting a vacation. I wont get one, but I can still want one right. At any moment, we will be a family of four…make that a family of nine… and a vacation will be impossible for a while.
I am really wanting a different kind of vacation, though. I want to go somewhere…just Daniel and I…and just pray. Have you ever done that? Have you ever taken a weekend or a week even to just unplug and really spend quality time with God?

 I havent. Its so hard to pray these days. Time is scarce…and when I pray I like to really talk to God…and it always takes up a good amount of time…so more often than not…I just dont talk with Him like I love to. Its more of little short prayers here and there…and its not quality. 

I want to tell Him my fears…my dreams. I want to ask Him questions and thank Him for the endless blessings He’s given me. I want to ask Him for things and believe He will answer. I want to spend time enjoying Him and noticing Him in the little things. I wish I could find a balance in doing all of these things in the middle of a busy day. That is what I am wanting…


It’s a beautiful thing when you find it…

I hope your week is off to a good start. 

Much love to you. 

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Whats in a Name

We still dont have a name  for little man yet.  It is making me a little nuts…a lot nuts.  It was so easy with Maris.  We just knew.  And I loved it.  I loved calling her Maris when she was still just a little peanut.  Names are so important.  It is so much of a persons identity.  It cant just be any ole name. 

 We have one option…but the option we have…I’m just not crazy about…

Do you think that matters?…What if this name is truly meant to be his name…whether I’m crazy about it or not…?

And here I am worrying about it…and Daniel…well…doesnt.  He doesnt worry about much. Its annoying.

 He really loves Cuban names…(it comes from his obsession with Cuba…he claims he is one fourth Cuban…)

The thing is…I want him to have a strong name like, David…but I want it to be unique and a little weird like, Leo… I want it to be one where there can easily be a nickname like, Samuel (Sam, Sammy, Samo)…but I also want it to have a spiritual meaning behind it like, Solomon…it means “peaceful.”

Or we could just go with the Cuban theme and name him Orlando…:)

Oh well, it will come…at least one person already knows his name…I just wish He would tell us already!!!

Thanks for letting me vent my baby name woes….

Have a terrific weekend!!! We will be strolling in lovely downtown Fairhope tomorrow at A & C!!!!!!!!  Cannot wait!!!!!

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Marking Spring


I am so thrilled spring is here! I feel like going to a wedding or something… and singing “Going to the Chapel…” But not at the wedding…because that would be just awful.

I wake up and sweet little birds are singing right outside my window…

What truly marks springs arrival for me is Arts and Crafts.  It is a beloved event in the middle of downtown Fairhope every March or April.  I love looking at all the art and I would probably stay and just wander around and stare at art for hours if it werent for my darling husband who gets sick of it all fast.

There is art…and music…and flowers…and greasy food…and kettle corn!!…and more kettle corn…and lemonade…and getting to wear shorts (not a fan), or skirts, or shirts with no sleeves for the first time in a while…and feeling the hot sun on your skin and remembering you have to start wearing sunscreen again…

Its all so sweet…

God is so beautiful…and wonderful…to give us not only new seasons but a new season filled with such life and beauty…Thank you, Lord.

“See!  The winter is past;

the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;

the season of singing has come..”

Song of Songs 2:11,12


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Not Home Yet


The past few days have been quite a blur.  Days where you just see gray and blue.  Days where you wonder what God is up to…

I’ve had the stomach bug and let me just say…I hate it…but I especially hate it when there is another little person in my tummy…I’ll stop there…

One of our boys’ friends from school was killed in a car accident on Sunday.  Another precious life cut too short…

The place that has me the most caught…the most without words, answers…is a good friend of my mother and aunt.  She lost her husband to cancer many years ago.  She just recently got remarried this past summer to a man who had lost his wife to cancer as well.  He now has cancer and is not expected to live much longer.

Too much. Way too much.  Things like that I can not comprehend.  I am praying so much for them and if you would, please pray for this mans healing from an almighty God.

What I am reminded in the midst of suffering, unthinkable circumstances, and just plain ole bad days is that we are not home yet…

These are the words sung by a man I so admire and love…Steven Curtis Chapman…

We are not home yet

We are not home yet

Keep on looking ahead

Let your heart not forget

That we are not home yet


Please say a prayer for Brenda and Calvin…


photo by: My Fine Garden

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As my belly gets bigger and bigger and I get more uncomfortable by the day, (Maris has even resorted to helping her mommy get dressed…the other day she tried to help me pull up my jeans, I was having such a hard time at it….she is such a sweet pea…) Anyways,  I am all the more dreaming of sweet and flowy dresses…

There is just something about spring and dresses….what is it???

These are a few on my wish list….although by the time my body gets back to normal spring will be about gone…still beautiful for summer…

These are the Liberty of London dresses that will be appearing at Target in t minus 12 days…

These are from www.ShopRuche.com..

Oh, the loveliness!!!!!

Spring will be here so soon and I’ll have a new little boy to enjoy it with!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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