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The subject of Heaven, Hell, and end times prophecy has always fascinated me and made me want to learn and understand more.  Those subjects have not been preached or teached on a great deal by most of the preachers I have been under, and actually I would even say in a good part of American churches, those subjects arent thoroughly explored and studied…and I have always wondered why.

I know that being consumed with the future and what will happen is not healthy…but I strongly believe, from personal experience, that being informed and studied on these subjects not only prepares us for what is to come but give us a HUGE burden for the lost and those that are not heading on the road that leads to a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Its always fun for me to imagine Heaven, what it will be like, the adventures that we will have, the beauty I will see…me and Daniel love talking and reading books about Heaven.  We believe that if we are going to spend eternity there, why not learn about this place called Paradise?!!

Its another feeling altogether when I read or hear someone teaching about Hell and the judgement that is to come.  I am reminded how real its existence is, how eternal it is, how irreversible it is for those who go there…I read that there was once an author who said that there should be a sign at the entrance of Hell that reads…”Abandon Hope all who enter.” 

 I was listening just this morning to Dr. David Jeremiah talk about the Great White Throne Judgement, which is the judgement set aside for unbelievers only.  This is where all unbelievers are brought before God and it is more, as Dr. Jeremiah puts it, like a sentencing.  The verdict has already been made.  He recalls an author who described this scene…what it might look like…( I am paraphrasing)

There is the man brought before the Throne…the books are opened…and God lists the things that the man had done…all of his sin…and God says, “This is why I sent my son.  I sent Him to die for you…to die for your sin…but you have rejected Him.”  Then, with His nail-scarred hands He opens another book, The Book of Life, and he reluctantly and painfully searches for the mans name, but it is not found.  And He says, “Depart from me and go to the place that was prepared for Satan and his demons….I never knew you.” And the man says, “But Lord! Did I not prophesy in your name and in your name cast out demons and perform many miracles?”  And God will again say…”I never knew you…”

Dr. Jeremiah states that maybe the reason Christians arent allowed to attend this dreadful event is because the Lord wants to spare us the pain of having a loved one or a friend then turn to us with fear and tears in their eyes and say, “Why!…Why!….Why did you not warn me of this day?……Why?”

And that!….that burden, and sorrow I feel, the heavy heartedness builds in me…and the urgency returns and the stupid little things I think about during a given day fade away and it hits me.  It hits me that people around me, people that I love, people that I dont know…that day is fastly approaching for them…and what in the freaking world am I doing about it?! 

What are we doing about it?


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Naming your Design Style

So, I am a home decor weirdo…and I just recently bought a new design book called The Well Dressed Home by Annette Tatum, and I devoured it in a matter of minutes. But what I loved so much about it and my Domino book is that it helps you figure out your design style by coming up with words you think describe what you love about decor and then put the top two together…

Words like Modern







and Retro

So, from these styles you choose two you identify with most and put them together…like Modern Classic, or Couture Resort, or Bohemian Vintage…ect. Fun, right!!!?

So, mine is Romantic Vintage

I also love this…

This is called a beautiful mess 🙂 

What is your design style?

I hope you have a very special Fathers Day weekend!

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My Girl

I love being her Mama. 

She is my girl.

Very thankful on this Wednesday….Love to You!

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I so enjoyed Marks sermon yesterday! I love to study David.  I think he was the most fascinating man in the old testament.  He is so real…so messed up…but so in love with God.  Mark touched on something though that really hit a nerve with me and brought back all kinds of memories…and that was the topic of rejection and being young and how it so affects you. (Homeschooling is becoming quite appealing to me! Too bad I would be a dreadful teacher!)

As I sat there, sipping my coffee still in my lovely baggy t-shirt and basketball shorts (very attractive pajamas :)) enjoying the comfort of watching a sermon from our couch…I went back to the days when I was a little 10,11 year old.  We had just moved from Tuscaloosa to Fairhope and it was a hard move for all of us I think.  I was beginning the fifth grade and entered into a whole new world of important things consisting of what clothes you wear…who you are friends with…what parties you go to…ect.  I was a scared, frightened little thing…but I adjusted…

One day at school, there were a couple of us who were in trouble for something very minute and small, so the teacher, in all of her abounding wisdom and compassion,  lined us up outside in a row and had the other 5th graders throw rotten eggs at us. They were eggs that had been used in some science experiment and the teacher had told the other students to just throw it at our feet. ????.  What an idiot, I might add…

So they threw…hard…laughing all the while..

I still remember egg all over my brand new, so cool, Limited sweatshirt.  It was THE most humiliating thing…and as silly as it is at 26 years old I still remember that like it was yesterday.

Needless to say, from the get go, my days throughout middle school and high school even, I really struggled with insecurity and doubt, and just the longing to be accepted and…like Mark talked about…chosen.  I wanted to be popular and liked.  Who doesnt?

Those tumultuous years taught me a lot though.  I learned that no matter how bad I wanted to be liked and accepted by other kids, I would much rather follow Jesus. At the same time, I have also noticed the desire in me to prove myself…to somehow show that I am worthy of acceptance…

As I have been working all of that out, I have begun to taste such freedom.  Such joy. Such peace in who I am.  I am chosen by the most High God and I get to experience His adoration…His approval…His acceptance…and there is nothing better.  I dont care about what people think of me.  I dont care if I dont wear the right things…or drive the right cars…or do life a certain way.  I am understanding more and more what truly matters and I am falling in love with it…with Him…and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

 And when life throws you eggs…make egg salad! Love that stuff! 🙂 I hope your week is beautiful!

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My heart feels like it could burst.  My emotions the past few days have been so crazy, going from happy to sad very quickly.  But there is one feeling that I am grounded on…and that is thankfulness.

My Maw Maw passed away last week.  It has been such a long time since someone I loved, as dearly as her, has died.  I was together and ok until I saw her at the visitation.  It wasnt her.  It didnt look like her.  I dont know what I was expecting…to see her alive and dancing around being her joyful self?…maybe it just became real to me.  The reality that she isnt here…that death is so awful, so tragic, so ugly…that a phase of my life, my childhood is complete and over…

And the tears came…sorrow came…

But then something else came…something much stronger than the sorrow and the sadness…it came so sweet and so sure…

It was Jesus.  My heart began to flood with thankfulness and all I could do in my heart was say… ” Thank You Jesus” over and over and over again…

Because of Him, Maw Maw is in paradise…Because of Him, she is dancing and singing and working with her hands again in a garden…Because of Him, she is with Him and the people she loved…Because of Him, death doesnt get the final word…Because of Him, everything is more than ok.  Everything was made perfectly, completley, gloriously right when He said, “It is finished.”

And while I will miss her…there is such joyful expectation and anticipation that life…her life…didnt end at her death….it was just the beginning.

I love you Maw Maw, and because of Jesus, I will see you again…and it will be as beautiful as ever :).

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