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At Christmas time something serious shifts…It is like I live in another world…

It has just begun to sink in…the whole Christmas atmosphere…I never want to fake excitement.

I want it to be real…Holy Spirit induced…

And He always does.

It is this magical world I am put in, where I envision what is happening in every Christmas song, I envision directing marvelous Christmas plays and theatrical productions, I cry at the drop of a hat at the thought of what it meant for Christ to come….for us. The mystery consumes me. I pretend I am Jo from Little Women with dreams and books in her head…

I become a little bit weird.

I have, as of late, been reading Maris her books in a very very brilliant accent.  I don’t know what accent it is. I would say British/Scottish. She loooooves it. It is honestly a lot of fun…You should try it!

We make our second annual magical tent (here’s to you, Marisa!) ….and play until it comes crashing down…We have been dancing and singing to Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album…one of the best…I make up dances and try to teach Maris Marie…

I laugh more…We laugh more…

Life is richer at Christmas. Thats just the way it is….And would you like to know why I think that is so?

Because the Christmas season, in my opinion, is a small…teeny….tiny…glimpse of what Heaven will feel like.

Thats my theory, sweet honey’s!!!

And that picture of Mac in the bear jacket made me laugh until I cried!!!! He is enormous in that thing!  And so cute!

I hope you are soaking up the magic!

Much Love to You!!!!!


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My Favorite Girl








Maris is four years old….

She is my favorite number…she is my favorite girl…

I had NOOOOO idea four years ago the magnitude of this gift God was placing in my hands….I had no idea that from that moment on, part of my heart would be out of my chest and walking around and saying things like…”Mommy, your I-pod is your responsibility!”….Or the pain I would feel as they held her down to administer her first stitches in her chin…Or the humility and awe I would experience as she sat at the kitchen table and talked about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection…Or the desperation as I stay up late at night to read books like The Spirited Child and The Strong-Willed Child so that I can get a little bit of help…Because she is such a fire-cracker….

One second she is brilliantly smart…and the next she is stubborn as the day is long….and then she is as sweet as honey…then she can be mean as a hornet….

She leaves me speechless.

And I still can’t believe that this little precious thing of a girly girly girly girl is in our hands…for a time…

Maris, You are My Baby Girl…

I Love you to the Moon and Back!

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Pumpkin Bread

So…I have looked for a while for the perfect Pumpkin Bread recipe…

They were all too dry…not sweet enough…Not bakery quality bread…

Well the search ended a few weeks ago with this recipe…


I L.O.V.E  recipes from food.com….

And this one is seriously perfect.

Please try it soon!!!!!! You will enjoy!!!

I hope you are doing well and looking forward to Thanksgiving week!!!

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We need a puppy.

We have the perfect house and yard for one.

It is time…

Now we just have to find one!

Preferably a mut…Preferably free…

If you come upon one…will you let me know?

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Much love to you!

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So, I don’t get out much…

It’s just so much easier to stay at your house…you and the kids do your thing…let them get their naps and stay on schedule…I am praying for God to rid me of the schedule thing…I am controlled by nap times/eating times/…ect.  But, listen, if your kid took 2 (2hour) naps a day…then slept 11 hours at night…you might…be a schedule person too…

So, when my sweet friend Stephanie, another momma, asked me to go with her to see a band member from Korn (remember them?) speak at Church on the Eastern Shore…I said Sure! Even though I was thinking…”I don’t like Korn…Stephanie doesn’t like Korn…this is kind of odd.”

It was also Drug Court Graduation along with Brian (Korn) all in one shebang…so I thought it would be an inspiring night.

So we went.

Church staff people kept looking at us…like “what are ya’ll doing here?”…

We giggled and laughed…sat on the far side of the sanctuary…eager for the night to start…

In walks Brian…dreadlocks down past his shoulders…tattoos everywhere…white t-shirt and jeans…

“Look, there he is!!” Stephanie loudly whispered, like he was some huge superstar….We laughed and determined right then to get his autograph and our picture made with him.

The Drug Court graduation was really special and inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes to hear of the determination and persevearance of these people to really just surrender their lives to the Lord and then give their lives to help others who struggle with addictions and issues that have plagued them.

Brian finally got up and spoke and his testimony was crazy…filled with details of his rock-star life…and the chaos that led him to the cross. Stephanie and I both were drawn to him…to put it in her words…”I just love people who are crazy about Jesus.” He was.

After it was over, yes, we stood in line for his autograph and picture….For about 10 minutes we went back and forth over what we wanted him to write on our peice of paper…”Korn rocks”, “Jesus loves Rock and Roll”, “Jesus loves Rock and Roll Mommies”…and finally…yes after much debate Stephanie went with “Jesus loves Heavy Metal Mommies,” and I went with…”God loves art”….which is something he said in his testimony referring to his tattoos.

And we got our picture taken with him….



So…the reason I’m telling you all of this is because…Ordinarily, I would have never gone to such an event…Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have waited in line for the man’s autograph or photo opp…Ordinarily, If I would have…I might have just asked meekly…”Hey, can I have your autograph…” Plain ole autograph….Ordinarily, I would have stayed at home to make Daniel’s night with the kids a little less stressful…

But listen, you only get one life…and when you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do…you end up with a life well lived and stories to share…

We totally almost asked him to go to the Coffee Loft with us…because he would have digged that place…but the Judge looked like it was time for them to leave…

I got home and my cheeks were sore from smiling and I went to bed laughing…I layed there and just whispered to God in my heart…”You are so good…and so fun.”

Who needs drugs when there is the most amazingly wild and wonderful Maker of Heaven and Earth!

Go do something weird and extraordinary!!

Thanks for the date Stephanie!

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Mylo Xyloto: A Review


I understand that for many of you, You could care less about Coldplay and their new album…So, I am terribly sorry for this post…I do it more for my enjoyment and passion for the band…Bear with my odd imagination and musings for a moment…

This is somewhat of a comparison. I know comparisons aren’t all that good or helpful…but sometimes you just can’t help it.

Good music should take you somewhere.  Their music takes me places.

Viva La Vida was indescribable….It took me to France in the Summer…Where women wore beautiful dresses like those in Pride and Prejudice…A Revolution was brewing…There was change and romance in the air…I saw me pushing Maris in a tree swing…Daniel and I taking walks in the countryside while we talked over the revolution…and God…and change…and our future…as we ate an apple.  Our spare time is spent either outside or reading books…Books are our food…

We were in love…He wore a half-tucked white airy shirt and pants….He looked all rugged and handsome…Studied and Wise…I wore a long off white dress with a robins egg blue sash…my hair up and messy…Free spirited and fearless

Rich. The perfect word to describe the Journey through Viva La Vida.

Mylo Xyloto is different.  The album takes me to New York…here and now New York…Noise and speed and sound…Walking the streets of New York looking at people’s eyes…seeing their souls….Daniel and I stop at a market…There is color everywhere…I notice the Asian lady…all worn and tired selling beautiful fabric and purses…I buy a purse just to be able to speak with her and see her smile…we stop at a bakery and I get some fresh bread…We go back to our apartment, cluttered with stuff…I put on the album…Hear the beat…Maris and Davis and I stomp to the beat…We dance…We laugh…Life is sweet.

Colorful. The word for Mylo Xyloto.

The lyrics are not deep nor original…but the sound….the sound is very urban and very colorful.

Viva La Vida will always win.

What can I say….

I prefer France.

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