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My treasure

So, I began a blog a few months ago. It was going to be just fabulous. It was going to be a blog about art and cooking, two things which I love, and I envisioned myself just typing away about art and different types of art and whats wrong with art today. I saw myself writing about cooking and how the two are connected. So profound, right?!

Well I sat at the computer staring at the screen and I couldnt find one single thing to say. Nothing!  I couldnt figure out why.

I get it now though. The person I love the most, the thing I wanna talk about the most, the thing I want to be associated with the  most is Jesus. So, it’d just be ridiculous to do a blog about anything else. For me.

I remember being a child and my family would hang out with the Dennis family a lot. My sister and I were great friends with Amy Dennis. I remember being over at their house and my parents would have really stirring conversations about God with Jim and Debbie…and all i wanted was to listen. It was kind of understood that the kids had their play time while the adults had serious conversation but I just remember being so desperate to just sit at their feet and soak up every word spoken about God, about life, about things that truly matter.  And now, one of the things I want most is to talk about Jesus.  I want to talk about Him when I wake up, when we are eating, when I am out with friends, when I am home with Maris and Daniel, when I go to sleep.  I want to have Bible study with Maris one day and us chew over the word together. I want Jesus to be so real in this home.

So, with this little blog, I want to talk about Jesus, and other things, because I want Him to be in all things. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O God.


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