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Telling the truth…like Publix

Today you get a peek into the side of me some might call…nerdy.

Marketing/Advertising… and the lack there of… fascinates me.

It fascinates me and it infuriates me.  It infuriates me when a product or business makes some high claim or promises something and then…LIES.  It happens all the time.  Hair care products, vacuum cleaners, Winn Dixie, Drain-O…

they all make claims …”its getting better all the time”…yeah, whatever

I also love coming up with ideas about what I would do to truly make something not just better but spectacular if I were the owner/entreprenuer/CEO…

For example, the old gem Gambino’s in Fairhope I believe has closed and is opening a Papa’s Place.  Ok, Gambinos is simply one of Fairhope’s trademarks if you ask me….yes, the food wasnt that great…yes, it smelled like mothballs….yes, the service was ho-hum…but why would you just sell it off?  If it was me calling the shots, I would tear the whole place down and start from ground up.  I would build a charming little unique Italian eatery called Gambino’s that would serve some of the finest wine and Italian dishes this side of the Gulf Coast.  I wouldnt advertise, I would build on making it something beautiful, something memorable, and then let the customers spread the word. I wouldnt make some bogus claim like…”the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy!” or “when your here, its like your in Italy!”

I digress.

One place that fascinates me and actually tells the truth is Publix.  They simply say…”Publix…where shopping is a pleasure.”  And they are dead on.  I live 2 minutes from Winn Dixie but I will drive 10 to Publix because it is such a pleasure shopping there.  The products are great…the workers there are so friendly…and it truly is delightful.  Me and Maris leave there so happy. I have my fresh baked bread and she has her balloon and we are good.

If all places and products could simply live up to their promises…or just not make them in the first place.  Oh well, cant win em all…

Have a great weekend!!


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