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The music starts to play.

This song, it is dramatic and kingly sounding.

The tempo slows, the hush comes…the sound of darkness plays…

The people… Israel…us…they don’t know what is about to happen…they are walking around in darkness.  They are oppressed, burdened, hopeless, confused, scared, solemn.  They stumble around. They fall. They cry out. The people are worn down from the labor, from the law, from the toil of trying to be good enough. They are tattered and torn.

But, then….the tempo picks up…in the song, there is a higher note…a softer note…it gets faster and brighter…

Hurling toward the Earth through universe, space, sound, and time comes a light…

It has dawned!

He has dawned!

He has been born! This little one, The Holy One has been born through pain and suffering and long labor by His  mother…He is here…Emmanuel, God is with us.

He, this tiny baby, is Wonderful Counselor…Mighty God…Everlasting Father…Prince of Peace…The government IS on His shoulders and His reign will never, ever end…

The song, now, is bursting with sound…begging you to dance…to rejoice…

Rejoice as if you found a treasure with jewels and ancient artifacts and crowns and precious things…Laugh and jump up and down because you know what this means!!! You know that His birth means your life! It means your salvation! Your redemption! Your joy is inexplicable and you feel as though any moment you could burst because you are so happy. The Rescuer has come and His plan will succeed and His reign will never end.

The song comes to a close. The story, though, is still going…still happening…in real time…right now…

You are in this magnificent story… Do you feel the weight and the joy of it all at Christmas time?


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At Christmas time something serious shifts…It is like I live in another world…

It has just begun to sink in…the whole Christmas atmosphere…I never want to fake excitement.

I want it to be real…Holy Spirit induced…

And He always does.

It is this magical world I am put in, where I envision what is happening in every Christmas song, I envision directing marvelous Christmas plays and theatrical productions, I cry at the drop of a hat at the thought of what it meant for Christ to come….for us. The mystery consumes me. I pretend I am Jo from Little Women with dreams and books in her head…

I become a little bit weird.

I have, as of late, been reading Maris her books in a very very brilliant accent.  I don’t know what accent it is. I would say British/Scottish. She loooooves it. It is honestly a lot of fun…You should try it!

We make our second annual magical tent (here’s to you, Marisa!) ….and play until it comes crashing down…We have been dancing and singing to Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album…one of the best…I make up dances and try to teach Maris Marie…

I laugh more…We laugh more…

Life is richer at Christmas. Thats just the way it is….And would you like to know why I think that is so?

Because the Christmas season, in my opinion, is a small…teeny….tiny…glimpse of what Heaven will feel like.

Thats my theory, sweet honey’s!!!

And that picture of Mac in the bear jacket made me laugh until I cried!!!! He is enormous in that thing!  And so cute!

I hope you are soaking up the magic!

Much Love to You!!!!!

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Real Magic

You know most days dont feel very magical.  Most days I get bogged down with the here and now…the things my eyes can see…the things I can feel…the things I know need to get done.  And then…some days it happens.  I move into a different mind frame.  I worry less about “things” and I’m just happy and joyful to be apart of the story God is telling. 

His story is so real..so magical. You know people freak out a little when you talk about magic.  Webster defines magic as “any mysterious power.”  God isnt ANY mysterious power…He is THE mysterious power that we can know intimately and love completely.  And His magic, (the deep magic as C.S. Lewis calls it) is at work around us.

Its not something that is blatently obvious. I think, we have to choose it.  We have to choose to have our minds transformed, so that when we look at a flower…


we arent just looking at a flower…we are looking at a magnificent and beautiful thing. Or when we look at a spiders web,


we are speechless at how that little nasty thing could create such a intricate peice of art. Or when we look at something like this…


our minds are just blown away at the beauty and “mysterious power” of  Holy God.

And its not just it nature…it can be everywhere you go…people you may meet on the way.

This is a favorite piece of mine authored by Mike Mason..

“Your whole being waits to erupt into thunderous and unending praise. You wont be happy until you do.You won’t be happy until your first waking thought is of the glory of being alive.  You wont be happy until like a child you can hardly wait to get out of bed and tiptoe downstairs to see what magic awaits you. You wont be happy until you forget your problems long enough to look up to heaven and be stunned into heartfelt thanks for a life overflowing with goodness.”

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