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Books on marriage are by far my favorite to read.  I’ve read a good number of them…and this one I am reading now is the best.  Its called Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson.  My best friend Darla, her husband was reading it and I knew, once I read a couple pages out of his, that I had to get it.  I spend way too much money on Amazon by the way.  A problem. But, books on there are like 2 dollars used…cant beat that!

Anyways, while reading this book, I had a HUGE revelation I thought I’d share with you.  I mean, BIG.  While I was reading this particular part, Daniel was sitting on the other side of the couch and I kept saying…”oh my gosh” over and over.  I’m sure he thought what I was reading had something to do with him and the author was hitting the husbands over the head…(which he does do in a very brilliant and loving way)….but oh no….this ones on me buddy. 🙂

If you know me, you know that I like romance, as a lot of women and girls do.  I love romantic movies…romantic photographs…poems…songs with beautifully romantic lyrics…Song of Solomon…romantic and flowy dresses and clothes…romantic feeling home decor….You get the point…

Ok. So. Romance is a wonderful thing.  God is a Romantic God.  BUT………..oh, theres the but….a big ole but…when I place romance and romantic feelings before God…it is a big ole S. I. N.  An idol.  An idea and longing…(when placed upon my husband) that leaves me empty and dissatisfied.  Does that make any sense?

Let me just quote the author, I know he makes more sense than me…

“Romantic love, as it is commonly understood, is a modern idol of the mind, emotions, and heart.  Because many husbands and wives serve this idol, it is not surprising that it causes great dissatisfaction within marriages, hopeless expectations, quarrels, fights, and of course divorces. Idolatry occurs whenever we look to a created thing with the expectation that it be and do what only the living God can be and do.”

After Daniel and I had been married for a while…I noticed a change in our relationship.  We were growing closer, but those feelings…you know the ones I’m talking about….soon went away.  I would nag Daniel, poor thing, to be more romantic…that I NEEDED it…I needed him to show me in sweet and spontaneous ways that he loved me.  Well, I finally quit nagging and asking, but I still deep down missed those feelings we had when we were new in our relationship.

And, you see, what this author is directly speaking to, is the desire of mainly women to have their husbands pursue and be focused on keeping that spark and those feelings alive…when it just simply is impossible to do so.

Men are called to love their wives, to nourish them,  to protect them, to be tender and warm, but men are not called to be solely focused on romancing their wives.  Men are very task oriented.  Wilson states that men are oriented to a task, while the wives are oriented to their husbands.  And I have wanted for a long time, for Daniel to be like me, oriented to me, like I am him…and thats just not the way it works.

When this clicked with me, I let Daniel read this part in the book, and after he did, he looked at me and said, “So are you upset?”…and surprisingly I said, “NO!” with an excitement that was completely unexpected.  I felt like a burden was lifted.  I was done placing this thing, this idea, this longing on Daniels shoulders and before my God.  I was finished. And I apologized to Daniel and asked his forgiveness for nagging him all those times. 🙂

You see, romance is a glorious thing, in its context, and our marriage will have its ups and downs, I will have those feelings one day and then I wont for a while…but it is a far better love…a mature love…a lasting love that I am so thankful we have.  And, Lord, you can romance me all day long till the cows come home!  You are it!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Sometimes…clothes take my breath away.  Now, I can walk in a store and like a good bit….I can love a few…but every now and again…something will literally leave me a little breathless…

Like this…



And this…


And this…


These are peices by Elizabeth Dye and I am a new fan.  The photos are from her blog at www.elizabethdye.blogspot.com.  She designs mostly wedding gowns and dresses for special occasions. 

A little bit of beauty and romance on this Saturday…

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The Size of Texas

Every year Daniel goes to Cuba for a week of mission work.  And every year I think I’ll miss him less because I’ll just be more  used to it.  Yeah, so not true.  I used to dread him going and I definitly dont dread it anymore.  I know how much he loves the people there and I get excited for him as the week approaches.  But, I think because each year we grow so much closer than the year before, I inevitably miss him like crazy.

Its so weird when your other half isnt with you…isnt even in the country.  I feel like everything is off…like I’m not normal or something.

You know that country song…and I hate country music by the way so this is huge….”I thought I loved you then”?  That song is so sweet and so true.  I look back on our wedding day and I think to myself….I did not love him like I do now…not even close.  I loved him then the size of a pumpkin….I love him now the size of Texas.  Crazy, huh?

Sorry nothing profound today…just missing my man. 

I hope everyone has a sweet and lovely Wednesday!

P.S. I know you cant put dimensions on love…its simply a comparison.

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Don and Brin

Well, I finished A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  It was a very good read.  I didnt like the ending though.  It disappointed me.  I like beautiful BAM! endings…romantic ones…Ok, ones where there is love and the man and woman end up together and they run into each others arms and say they are sorry and they kiss so sweetly and you know everything is right.

And while I am ever so sure Don would say the book ended romantically…and in some ways it did…His life became so much more of the story He was wanting and needing to live…I just, nevertheless, want the relational romance.

I am really excited to hear Don speak in November.  I have wondered what I would say if I get to meet him.  You know writers are different from other celebrities.  So, I’m thinking there is a chance.

And I seriously have the perfect girl for him.  Her name, I think, is Brin. ( this could be her blog code name…not sure if people do that…my name is really Lauren for the record) Anyways, she is on my blogroll.  She is so talented as a writer and someone you just feel like you have known forever.  I dont know her, I just found her blog one day and really loved it.  When reading some of her blogs I immediately thought her and Donald would make a wonderful pair!!

I promise I am not insane…but I’m thinking about telling Don about her…you know…just to check out her blog…read her stuff. I mean, why not, right?! 

You may be thinking…”Lauren, you are going to go talk to a famous author you have never met and try to fix him up with a girl who you have never met and these two people dont even know you exist or that each other exists!?”

Why yes I am…thanks for asking!!

Have a GLORIOUS thursday!!!!!

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