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August Rush

August is here and it seems like for a lot of women the most dreadful of all months.  You would think something absolutely horrible happens in August.  Something  like earthquakes or food shortages or an enormous tax hike or our husbands leave for war.  But its none of the above. Its just the return of the school year.

I was in line at the Sugar Kettle Cafe today for lunch and the lady a few persons in front of me turns back and yells to someone behind me…”Hey! Gosh, I’m dreading next week…are you?!” And this is not the first random lady I’ve heard ranting about how school is about to start.  And maybe it hits me differently because I grew up around schoolteachers my whole life, but I just dont understand.  And I really dont want to sound rude or condescending…but if its really THAT bad then why are you teaching?  And I’ve heard every reason under the sun:

1) The schedule is great! I’m out of school when my kids are!

2) The benefits are great! Teachers get great insurance. ( and they do..I am grateful for that)

3) I have 10 more years and I get to retire!

So, is life about a great schedule, great benefits, and great retirement? Is what you do for so many hours out of a week…out of a year…out of a lifetime about those things?  Whereas, if you are a teacher because you love it, you love pouring your life into kids, you love teaching them, you love watching them learn, it energizes you and fuels your soul…then congratulations!!! …you are doing something you love and enjoy and I’m sure everyone can vouch for a teacher they’ve had that actually loved what they did. And I’m sure we can name a few who hated it, but were in it for the three reasons named above.

And true, I dont know what its like, I’m not a teacher.  I know I would not like it and I would be one of the ones griping in line at the Cafe. I think I just want people to love what they do and do what they love. Sorry, for the cliche.  And I know sometimes its not that easy.  I dont know the answer but I know that going through life doing something simply because of the external benefits it will have is not God’s plan for us. He wants us to live!  He wants us to await expectantly and joyfully our Augusts!


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